Ready, Set, Close. The final stage of your funnel is all about generating action and closing deals. Conveyance gives you the tools to increase your sales conversion rate by analyzing your bottom of funnel (BOFU) process and identifying which touchpoints could be even stronger.

We Help You Close More Deals


When you have great traffic to your site and an excellent rate of lead generation, as well as top-notch nurture strategies, your Top of Funnel (TOFU) and Middle of Funnel (MOFU) are probably right where they need to be.


However, when your close rates are nowhere near where they need to be, Conveyance can provide expert analysis of your BOFU stage. We focus on every aspect of your conversion strategy: top, middle, and bottom; including evaluating your buyer personas and their pain points.


We excel at strengthening your BOFU conversions and helping you turn your leads into paying customers.


Some strategies we may perform or recommend include:

  • Social Media – We address the concerns of your leads by demonstrating that you can provide real, tangible benefits – using the power of storytelling and your existing work. We leverage testimonials, results-driven case studies, industry awards, and media coverage.
  • Strategic Offers – We help you develop offers like free trials, deals, and discounts to overcome price objections. Sometimes these customer-specific offers are just what they need to decide to buy.
  • BOFU Content Marketing – We develop niche content that answers very specific questions. We utilize help desk articles, FAQs, case studies, blogs that deal with specific issues, and offer step-by-step advice, and sales slicks (it’s okay to sell at this point!)
  • SEO – We implement a snippet strategy with very specific keywords and that are FAQ minded.
  • Quick Follow-up – Bottom of funnel leads are ready to buy; they don’t want to wait. We use live chat, chat-bots, automated email, and email support to resolve issues quickly, answer questions immediately, and complete the transaction.

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